My Kikki K Happiness Workshop experience

Last month I decided to do something a bit uncharacteristic and reserve a spot in a Happiness Workshop at my local Kikki K. Normally the thought of attending any event without someone to take with me would scare the hell out of me – but I’d always been interested in their workshops and thought it seemed like the perfect way to kick-start my year of 23.

Normally I’m the kind of person that cringes at the thought of an affirmation, but I can well and truly say that I left the workshop on a high and three weeks later and say I’m still feeling pretty good! I thought I’d share some insights around what the workshop was like and what I took away.

My experience

I arrived at my local Kikki K at around 5:50 for a 6pm start. The workshops are for under 10 people and set up in the middle of the store were seven chairs, each with our own name badge and goody bag, a table with snacks and champagne and a vision board.

We got started by introducing ourselves to the rest of the group and expressing what we wanted to get out of the session. For me, I was wanting to identify the little daily things I could do to improve my general level of happiness. Others had similar aims, some for ensuring they could instill a sense of awareness around happiness in their kids or wanting to find out what their big ticket items of happiness were. Our instructor Sam said she would cover it all – and we weren’t disappointed.

The first task of the night was simple, identify all of the things that make you happy – no matter how big or small. Sam took us through her own Kikki K Happiness Journal to give us some ideas. My page started to fill quite quickly with things like puppies, sleep ins, getting things done early and when my favourite show has a new episode (Riverdale anyone?). It was really nice to take a moment to actually stop and think about the things that make us happy – I know it’s not something that I’d normally dedicate time to.

Next we thought about the things that didn’t make us happy. Bills, impossible deadlines, feeling rushed, stress – it’s a bit embarrassing how quickly this list grows. Sam talked to us about our lists and offered some solutions from her own personal experiences and spoke about how she had worked to reduce her list. Things like working out, listening to music while during arduous tasks and forcing her cat to give her cuddles. She also included some Kikki K facts about happiness. Did you know that a research study identified Australia as one of the top 10 happiest countries? I believe it.

Then we took the idea of a bucket list and flipped it on it’s head. We each took time to write our “reverse bucket list”. Identifying the things that we didn’t ever intend to have on our bucket list but things we’ve achieved that really deserve to be on there. For me this was things like graduating university, becoming an Aunty and getting a promotion. I really enjoyed this exercise – it’s so hard to celebrate success when as soon as you jump the hurdle you’re running to the next one.

After the workshop

We wrapped up the workshop by having some time to shop around the store with a special 10% discount. I was a bit worried it was going to feel like a tupperware party where you’re obligated to buy but it wasn’t at all! The girls were happy to have a chat and I ended up picking up a candle for only $12.

It’s quite unbelievable to even type this but since the workshop I have actually felt happier! I’m more aware of what i’m doing during my day, even in my downtime. I’m also doing things that I know might not be the most comfortable but make me feel good, like exercise and choosing healthier food options. My attitude has been a lot more positive and it’s encouraged me to catch up with friends and spread the love.

If you’re considering attending an event I’d definitely recommend it. All of their upcoming workshops are listed online. If you do attend one, send me a DM or Tweet me and let me know how it went.

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