How The Betoota Advocate beat the Facebook algorithm

The Betoota Advocate is basically Australia’s home-grown version of The Onion. Combining dry Aussie humour with satirical editorials, they are arguably the best “fake news” media company you’ll find on Facebook. Now, if you haven’t been living under a rock the past couple of days then you’ve probably heard of the cheating scandal rocking Cricket Australia.┬áDavid Warner and Steven Smith were stood down from leadership duties on the final day of the Third Test after appearing to alter the ball using sandpaper and tape.

Naturally following the media frenzy the Betoota team jumped on board mentioning it in their podcast and in a dedicated article. And, unfortunately for Cricket Australia’s PR manager, “Cricket Australia” followed up on their mention with a cease and desist which very quickly made it’s way onto Betoota’s Facebook page (which boosts a comfortable audience of just under 500,000).

The post is currently being flooded with social engagement, racking up almost 5000 reactions, 1000 comments and 120 shares in just under 30 minutes. Five or so minutes after the initial post went live a comment was posted by the page, which notifies everyone that has commented, plugging the podcast that was mentioned in the screenshot.

It raises the question, did The Betoota Advocate just pull the sneakiest podcast plug in social history?

Their entire Facebook audience is currently frenzied trying to determine if this is another piece of well produced satire or an legit piece of communication from Cricket Australia’s legal team. Not only have they capitalised on something currently front of mind for most Australians but they have done so in a way that is inherently true to their brand, draws emotive responses and generates incredible amounts of discussion. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to Cricket Australia’s response.

Generating engaging social content can be one of the most difficult things for brands to do well, but in this case Betoota has hit it for six.

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